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December 8, 2010
Photographs of Petrified Forest National Park

The Agate House, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Following extract from Australian Bush Flower Healing

Planets and asteroids (huge rocks, orbiting in our solar system, which are believed to possibly be a potential planet that could not form due to Jupiter’s enormous gravitational field), emit particular tonal frequencies as they orbit the sun. The constellations, which are actually groups of distant solar systems and galaxies, also resonate with inaudible sounds. These frequencies, or perhaps I should say symphonies, directly affect the flow and manifestation of all life and matter throughout the Universe.

There are twelve basic frequencies from the zodiac ring of constellations which seem to affect matter and which correlate (within many octaves), to the twelve musical notes of the Western chromatic scale, also resonating with the twelve meridians of the human etheric body utilised in treatments such as acupuncture and shiatsu, etc. In fact, quantum physics has agreed with the ancient Eastern philosophic and religious belief that matter is empty of inherent existence: the inner core of matter is essentially made of charged waves of energy.

Spleen Meridian, Shiatsu

Water is always used as the base for vibrational remedies (whether they be homoeopathic medicines, gem elixirs or Flower Essences), as it is a wonderful conductor of energy, and is especially susceptible to the vibrational wave patterns from the Cosmos that occur at each moment in time. Of course, water and sunlight are essential to life.

Every event has its own signature of sound patterns (planets and asteroids), as well as being what the birth chart of a human baby represents: the actual instant when the energy of the Cosmos entered the body, independently of the mother, for the first time. This stamp is imprinted as a kind of electromagnetic etheric grid which affects our brain patterning throughout our lives. This is not an accidental event, but a moment of harmonic resonance which correlates to the evolutionary soul vibrations of the incoming child. Or, more simply put, to its karma. No two people, as no two moments, are ever the same. Every chart is superbly balanced. We need only avail ourselves, consciously, of all of the energies it contains to become balanced and whole.

Alpine Mint Bush

An astrology chart can therefore be drawn up for the beginning or instant of any event or occasion to ascertain the cosmic influences affecting those concerned. An old Taoist phrase from the I Ching states that the beginning holds the seed of all that is to follow.

~ words by Kerrie Redgate

Alpine Mint Bush

Alpine Mint Bush is an  Australian Bush Flower Essence and is recommended for emotional burnout. Great for mums, carers, healers and those in the service profession, who are feeling flat or worn out from the responsibility of constantly looking after others. Also indicated for when you are worn out with the responsibility of taking care of yourself: of maintaining your own mind-body-soul balance.  The ‘patient’ within – the last Mohican in your busy schedule.

Indications for Alpine Mint Bush

  • Mental exhaustion
  • Emotional exhaustion
  • Lack of joy
  • Care givers feeling the weight of responsibility

Healing Qualities of Alpine Mint Bush

  • Revitalisation
  • Joy
  • Sense of Renewal

Further Information

Astrology & Flower Essences: Healing the Source – Kerrie Redgate

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