A Southern Oracle’s View on 2011

December 9, 2010

Cafe Umbrellas, Angola

Image Credit: Volkmar Wentzel

2011, specifically, it is still early days in the Uranus-Pluto period, and it is unlikely that we will see the bigger ‘surprises’ this decade has in store for us. In fact, there may be a temporary lull in the pace of (or at least our interest in), calamities happening on the world stage: the influence of the Chinese New Year – the ‘rabbit’.

Instead we will be giving more importance to our immediate sphere of interaction, the ‘smaller-stage’ on which our real life-lessons take place, our face-to-face network of enduring connections.

Have we neglected our participation within this sphere because our attention is pulled every which way by today’s superabundance of information?

Does it help us fulfil our role as friend/helper/lover/whatever to track every sensational story in the news, every alarming report about some global problem threatening our existence?

Or does that stuff rob us of the energy we need to focus on our true concerns in life?

Is it time to say the quantity of mental stimulation available has gone quite beyond the point of enhancing our lives?

A chain breaks at its weakest link, and I suspect that the weakest link in humanity’s future is not the supply of food or energy. Nor is it the capacity of the environment to absorb our pollutants. It is balance of mind – our ability to formulate a meaningful sense of purpose, and be guided by that, in the midst of a virtual ‘jungle’ of information trying to keep us in a state of distraction.

From the Astrological Calender 2011 & Moon Planting Guide by Thomas Zimmer


Thomas Zimmer is not only an amazing astrologer, he is quite remarkable in that he has no telephone, no fax machine, no website and no email address! Thomas lives in an old farmhouse bordering the World Heritage listed Tweed Valley in the very bosom of Mother Nature complete with veggie garden, stream, solar power etc etc.

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