The Lost & The Foundling

December 12, 2010

Image Credit: Birdbath, Flickr

“‘Places have a soul/ said a French writer recently; ‘ men make it for them by living in them.’ And even after men pass away and the place with a soul has become depopulated and deserted, something, if it be only a memory of it, remains. The stranger who comes to such a place, and is informed of the story of men who lived in it, becomes influenced and impressed in such a spot, and his memory retains the picture of it for years to come. ~ from Life in Old Dublin

The arch on the left is now walled up but was once known as the “entrance to hell’ – the part of Medieval Dublin beyond the rule of the Sherrif. From this point onwards journeymen were on their own, at the mercy of the ladies of the night, the pub landlords and thieves who lived beyond the city’s walls.

The second doorway is a ‘Foundling wheel’ – where a rotating doorway was placed for mothers to leave unwanted children to the mercy of the Church. The child would be placed on one side, rotated into the church and then a bell would be rung to alert those inside.


Baby Hatch – Wikipedia

Foundlings & Fledglings, teapot by Tracey Emin



  1. I think they’re debating putting in a baby hatch either in Calgary or here in Edmonton — heard about it on the news not that long ago. For whatever reason, some new mothers do not want to deal with social services and this is seen as a viable alternative to leaving the baby in a dumpster or shopping mall bathroom, which happens more often than one might think.

  2. Abandoning newborns is very common in Australia; public toilets and bus-shelters being the most common ‘dumping ground’. Sadly, the babes are found dead. As an energy worker, I can only wonder as to the effect such a cold and callous start to life ~ the absolute rejection – has on the adult. I sense there is a karmic foundling inheritance that is among the global energetic challenges surrounding consciousness healing in our path now.

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