The Magnificant “M”

December 23, 2010

Lady and Cat by Michal David

The Tabby in the Manger

Another wonderful legend about the origin of the “M” tells about Mary and the tabby cat in the manger. It seems that the baby Jesus was cold and fussing, and Mary asked the manger animals to move in closer to warm him. The manger was simply too small to accomplish that, but a little tabby cat came in and nestled next to the baby, and cosseted Him with purring and warmth. Mary was so grateful, she bestowed her own initial, “M” on the cat’s forehead.

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  1. I’ve never heard that charming fable before! Lovely.

  2. I am really surprised to hear that, Debra – She Of All Quirky Felines! I purchased a sweet little book a few years ago called ‘Cat in the Manger’ by Michael Foreman (only AUD5.00) Here’s the Amazon link http://www.amazon.com/Cat-Manger-Michael-Foreman/dp/0805066772 It’s really funny and tongue-in-cheek! A teaser: the cat hates donkeys, with their big dopey eyes, and in comes this bloody donkey……

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