Christmas Blooms All Year Round

December 24, 2010

Christmas in Melbourne Australia is mercurial. It can be stinking hot or winter-deep cold. Snow has been known to fall in the Victorian Alps and on the hills within 20km of Melbourne at Christmas.

For me, Christmas means hydrangeas.  You can keep your poinsettias, your hollies and evergreen boughs that drape over your mantles.

Give me hydrangeas and a flowering jacaranda.  I loved these flowers before I even heard of Flower Essences; and the green life you loved as a child, are the essences that have supported you into maturity.

Yes, Virginia, vibrational medicine is that simple and accessible.

Hydrangea Flower Essence

Jacaranda Flower Essence


I will not have internet access until Wednesday 29 December (my home PC is still punked with a virus); so I wish you all

Merry Everything!

Happy Always!

And thank you for the comments from my regular readerships, and thank you to the folks who dew-drop-in every now and then.

I know you are out there;

I can hear you breathing.

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  1. Have a wonderful holiday! Christmas blessings to you!

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