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January 13, 2011

Toowoomba flood

Now, Hades is in Cancer, ruler of our oceans.  Will the creatures of the ocean now how to suffer because of humans?  They already are.  Look at the Gulf Oil Spill.  But also, look at the daily garbage ships drop into it.  Look at the chemicals that are piped into it by all countries.  Our oceans are going to die on us if we don’t stop these practices.  If our oceans die, the fish supply dries up and many billions will starve because they depend upon the ocean as a source of food.  No more.  

Toowoomba flood

    The ocean levels will rise as the glaciers melt across the world.  The shrinking of the ice sheets at both poles will continue even more rapidly now than before.  Those who live near the ocean are going to lose their land/property to the waters as they rise.  Hurricanes/typhoons are going to ramp up and you’re going to see more of them  than in the past.  And they will be far more destructive than ever before.  Tornadoes, that are fueled by the rain/moisture in the clouds, will be more frequent, more violent and destructive, too.  Floods, whether the local creek, the river, lake, reservoir of the ocean, is going to occur.  Places will flood that never have before.  Places that have had water, may dry up and drought will result.  The whole weather pattern of the globe is going to change.  Rain, the water of life, will destroy, but it will also make the desert bloom, too.  Or, where water has been harnessed in dams, they may well be destroyed.  I’m thinking of the Chinese dam that is a mile long, in particular.  The Yangtze river is a dragon energy and will not be held or controlled much longer with  Hades in Cancer.

~ read more by Medical Astrologer Eileen Nauman who wrote this on August 1st 2010.

Toowoomba flood
All Image Credits: Daily Telegraph.com.au

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