The Spice Keeps Flowing

January 15, 2011


Twenty-two years ago, I read Frank Herbert’s sci-fi fantasy novel Dune and adopted the Bene Gesserit Litany of Fear as a mantra to recite while riding out intense panic attacks.

I was delighted to learn that his son has written three prelude novels to Dune, and I picked up the first one House Atreides for $3 from a Thrift Shop yesterday.

It is a great time out from all the terribly serious tomes I have been reading. For all I know, just like in 1989, I may find a pearl of wisdom in there.

Lady Jessica, House Atreides



  1. What did you think of the movie adaptation?

  2. Well….whenever I see these adaptations of books, I wish I was a movie maker, because I would have done it so much better, you know?

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