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Muddling Through Midlife

January 28, 2011
Olive Press 800-700 BCE, Israel

Image Credit: Omri Suissa

As is the way of my peripatetic Choogling (channeling & googling) habits, I came across an article about the Cycles of Saturn, scribed by Dane Rudhyar in 1960, when I was still a tadpole – or maybe a conglomeration of squishy cells.

…….and that led me to having a play at and taking a squizz at astrological transits to see where  Saturn opp. Saturn was at when I was 14/15 (1975), my legendary Saturn Return at 29/30 (1990), and another Sat opp Sat (WTF)  at 44/45 in 2004 (oh yeah, baby, now I get what that year was about…..)

Then I read something about  other Midlife Transits – Pluto square Pluto, Uranus Opp Uranus and Neptune square Neptune…, you know, I just had to check those suckers out….

Another frolic and scamper at and – good golly, Miss Molly – at the time of the Southern Winter Solstice, June 1998, Pluto and Neptune were doing their square thang, and Uranus was in it’s position of flipping the bird to its natal self –  and I had just left my marriage after two years of building up my courage to do so –  after 11 years of missing all the red flags (and painting them another colour) about a Great Many Things.

I kinda feel like I’ve achieved something……

Like…..I’m Still Standing.

She Who Remains.

That something may simply be the getting of some sort of smartarse wisdom about the meaning of Wife, and donning a heyokha hat as I hand others the spade to shovel out their energy stables…. because I am done with leading horses to drink.  Horses ain’t stupid.  If they are thirsty, they know where to find water.

I digress……….I am deep in my Chiron Return and, you know, he is a horse…..oh, he says his real name is Ed.

Stay tuned – I aint done singing this songline.  I am onto something here, and it is no longer the Crack Of Doom – but I can flick peanuts into it from where I’m sitting.

They grow real well in horseshit.