A Woman of Samaria

January 30, 2011

The Woman of Samaria by Chris Hall

The Guardians of Parcevall Hall in Wharfedale and the Shrine of Our Lady of Walshingham in Norfolk commissioned a representation of the moment when the woman of Samaria recognises the mystery of Christ’s reference to the Water of Life.

 Gospel of St John (Chapter IV, verse 14)

Sabian Symbol Taurus 7 : A Woman of Samaria

Getting in deep…

 Taurus 7 points to the experience of realizing that after that first step, one is already in deep… perhaps way too deep.

 A degree symbol often relates to honesty and truth, Taurus 7 brings the individual face to face with the issue of deeper life truths. This can manifest in the way an individual can feel the loss of control, as if by taking that one step it is no longer one’s story but rather a much larger story into which the individual makes a connection.

Sometimes this can be a little overwhelming and bring up the feelings  of scrambling for a life line after being thrown overboard.

Blain Bovee, Sabian Sage

From the Ratbag Muse

I have always loved the story of the Woman at the Well, although I do believe it was been greatly edited and all the juicy bits left out.  Methinks the the J-man got a bit of Samarian lovin’ , some fine lust-o in the el dust-o.

But I would say that, because the Sabian Symbol for my Lilith asteroid is a Woman of Samaria.

What would John know?  Was he there? 

 Ooooo…….was he there???


What if God was One of us?




  1. Hi. I saw a comment of yours on Carol’s blog and wanted to come by and see your writing. I enjoyed this piece and oh my your sense of humor! A lot of big life stuff going on but I must bookmark you because this post leaves me wanting to read more.

  2. Hahahahaha, that tag for the photo of Austin Powers is just too funny!

  3. G’day! Lovely to see you here, thank you for swinging by. – AJ

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