100027: An enquiring mind

January 31, 2011

the banality of evil

 Image Credit: Things I read Today

100027 Hannaharendt is an asteroid. It was discovered on October 12, 1990 by Freimut Borngen and Lutz Schmadel. It was named after Hannah Arendt, who coined the phrase “the banality of evil”.

Asteroid Hannaharendt appears in my Natal chart, right on my Midheaven, sharing the Sabian Symbol of  “A glass-bottomed boat in still water” with Transneptunian Kronos.

Gemini 1: A glass-bottomed boat in still water

 The first degree gemini begins a shift into the energies of curiosity and exploration. Social dimensions are explored, considered and together with the Polar opposite expression of Sagittarius, the whole issue of tribal belonging begins in ernest.

“Glass-bottomed’ suggests detachment, objectivity. “Still water” suggests a capacity to look into matters deeply without the disturbance of turbulent water (emotions). 

~ Blain Bovee, The Sabian Sage

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