The Bush Cat Jumped Over the Moonshell

February 2, 2011

Solitude says the moon shell

Image Credit: Junie Moon

Moon Snail

Cleanses the subconscious, stimulates problem-solving dreams.

~ Source Morningstar Shell Essences

Moon Snail polinices lewisii

~ to cleanse the mind and let in light

Source – Pacific Essences

Further Reading: People of the Moonshell: a Western River Journal

The river the Indians called the Moonshell is, for the most part, a quiet river, an unobtrusive river. It is not deep, nor fast, nor useful for navigation. It does not transform the countryside through which it flows, but nestles gently into it, a partner with the land rather than a destroyer.

Spotted-tail Quoll. Quoll is the Aboriginal name for bush cat

Image Credit: Mungumby Lodge, Cape York, Australia

Read more about the Quoll as Totem, Wildspeak.com



  1. Oh, that bush cat has such a cute little face! But I bet they can be pretty fierce if they have to be.

  2. I think they may have a similar temperament to the Tasmanian Devil.

  3. I like the Quoll too! It’s one of the alpha-predators of Australia but its ranks have been thinned because it eats invasive cane toads (which are poisonous). Fortunately volunteers have been trying to teach the quolls not to eat toads–which sounds like a difficult project.

  4. Gosh, the cane-toad-eating-quoll situation! I have not read anything about that for years.

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