It’s Wabbit Season….

February 3, 2011

Everything I know about metaphysics, mysticism and spirituality, I learned as a young child from Bugs Bunny.  So to, it seems did Life Managment ExpertVaishãli who wrote this article for In Light Times – I could not have put it better myself.

1. If You Don’t Know What Reality Is, Don’t Take It Seriously. There is no reality more permeable than Bugs Bunny’s…where he never takes his belief about reality seriously. This is his undeniable strength and power. Bugs is always senior to the drama that rages on around him, because reality exists to serve Bugs; Bugs does not exist to serve reality. Brings a whole new meaning to wascally wabbit, don’t it?

2. Deal With Your Enemies By Giving Them, A Full-on Kiss On The Lips. Bugs lives a life free of worries and fear. He transcended every conflict from Elmer Fudd to Daffy Duck by giving his antagonist full kiss on the lips! Bugs brings a whole new meaning to “Love conquers thy enemies!” (It also keeps them confused.)

3. Be Adventurous! Be Outrageous! Be Bugs! Spiritual growth always happens outside the box. All great spiritual teachers like Bugs Bunny have lived outside the restrictions of cultural limitations and prudish sensibilities. Dare to be your original self! Dare to be real and alive. Dare to be fearless! Dare to be outrageously Bugs!

4. Know When It Is “Wabbit Season” And When It Is Not. Bugs knows when to pick his battles. Bugs knows when to declare, “This means war!” and when to run (or hop). Knowing when it is the season to reap or sow, knowing when it is time to emerge from the rabbit hole and when to stay underground meditating…this is the hidden, higher teaching of Hare Krishna!

5. Always Leave ‘Em Laughing. Bugs always leaves ya laughing, because Bugs knows the only thing anyone really has any control over is their attitude. We do not always get to choose when we find ourselves staring down the loaded end of Elmer’s hunting rifle, but we always get to choose our reaction to that reality. If there were a more enlightened response then leaving
‘em laughing, Bugs would have modeled it!

6. There Are No Small Cartoon Characters, Only Small People. The impact that people have in our lives is most astonishing. Sometimes it is the people that have the smallest walk-on roles in our lives that affect us most profoundly. There are times when that unknown person, who passes us on the street with a smile and well wishes, lifts our day to its highest experience. No contact is small; some have a shorter exposure time than others; but all have unlimited

7. You Can’t Kill A Cartoon. Resilience is the name of the game, and it is always in fashion. We all come to the Earth to practice growing beyond what has hurts us. No one can do that without the power and commitment of resiliency. Resilience is what makes babies such powerful self-healers. Resilience is what makes our life worth living. Resiliency is the great spiritual fashion accessory that never goes out of style.

8. Monsters Are Such Interesting People! Bugs is always unconditionally accepting. Bugs has embraced some of the most insidious animated monstrosities ever created, and he lovingly responds to them with the wisdom that: “monsters are such interesting people!” Bugs experiences all life forms as working for his benefit, aiding and assisting him in his personal growth. No creature, no matter how fiendishly packaged, is anything less than fascinating and here to empower him!

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Image Credit: Our Funny Planet

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  1. Bugs Bunny has always been my hero!

  2. It’s a close call between Sylvester J. Pussycat Snr and Bugs for me.

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