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Word for 2011: Enterprise

February 4, 2011



Image Credit: : Life of a Lab Rat, The University of Sydney

Enterprise 1

Definition: That which is undertaken; something undertaken; something attempted to be performed; a work projected which involves activity, courage, energy, and the like; boldness has genius, power, and magic.


Kalapas: not another Greek island

February 4, 2011

Kalapa Festival

There is a belief in Buddhism that if you stay with a feeling long enough you will reach the bodily sensation beneath that feeling.

If you stay with bodily sensation long enough you will reach the biochemical reactions that produce the bodily sensation.

If you stay with the biochemical reactions long enough you will reach the molecular constituents that give rise to the biochemical reactions.

 And if you stay with the molecular constituents long enough you will reach the most fundamental particles, which cannot be further subdivided – called kalapas in the Pali language.

These kalapas, it is said, only appear to be solid particles: actually they are vibratory waves. The fundamental reality beneath sensation and feeling, according to Buddhist thought, is one of vibratory energy. Out of this fundamental wholeness, sensation and feeling arise. Into this fundamental wholeness, sensation and feeling dissolve. When we identify with sensation and feeling we identify with our suffering. When we follow sensation and feeling back to this ground of wholeness we move through suffering to healing.

~ Source Compassionate Touch: the body’s role in emotional healing and recovery, Dr. Clyde W. Ford, 1991

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