The Blot in the Cloud

February 9, 2011

Mater Matrix Mother and Medium, installation by Mandy Greer

Image Credit: Mater Matrix Mother and Medium

There have been many prophecies and warnings that in the Aquarian Age, which we are now approaching, there will be a confrontation between opposing positive and negative forces, both on the macrocosmic or world scale and on the microcosmic or individual level.

A child born into a family draws from a reservoir of genes which carry both positive and negative family patterns. The process can be likened to a computer that receives information about the traits and weaknesses the new family member needs for his learning in this life. Those patterns not needed at this particular time remain dormant or latent in the subconscious.

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Over the years we have been shown that certain families carry with them a black cloud. which seems to be composed of all the traumatic experiences suffered by groups or individuals who have at some time been members of that family. This problem is more prevalent in certain ethnic groups. Those groups which we have found to be most affected in this way are Jews, Negroes, Irish and American Indians, since they have all had a history of persecution. It appears that when a member of such a family experiences a certain difficulty in his life, it often triggers the family memory of a similar problem, which results in the person being overwhelmed by his family’s old trauma in addition to his own personal trauma, which makes it almost impossible for him to handle it. We have learned to suspect such a possibility in people who are literally overwhelmed by a problem which, on the surface, does not appear to be sufficiently heavy to create such a devastating affect. Many suicides are probably caused in this way.

Two gay Darth Vaders being dusted simultaneously by blue crabs as seahorses laugh at their predicament.

Image Credit: The Inquisitr

Unlike the black cloud, which is triggered when a personal trauma coincides with an old family problem, a negative inherited pattern, which we call the ink blot, is already present in the baby from the time of birth. It can take the form of negative tendencies, emotions or traits on any level of the person. The family black cloud is attracted from outside the person, whereas the ink blot is within him from the very beginning.

~ Extrapolated from “Cutting the Ties that Bind” by Phyllis Krystal, 1993

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  1. Definitely got come cloud going on in my family, and not just on the Irish side. Both father and (maternal) grandmother suffered very real persecution in their own lifetimes. What’s funny is that a childhood friend of mine used to complain about my cloud, because I always seemed to “make” it rain when I went over to their house to swim!

    LOVE the gay Vaders 😀

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