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February 10, 2011

The 7 of Pentacles (Coins) show a woman tending her garden – she has a basket of flowers she’s picked and a hose to water it all, and she is looking with pride and pleasure at a tree bearing seven brightly colored pentacles.

It’s worth noting that they are the fruit of a tree and not one of the flowers – she didn’t plant these a few weeks ago or even last season – for this tree to bear fruit it was planted years ago and has been tended and cared for ever since.  And while it is clearly nearing time to harvest the fruit, she isn’t doing so yet.. Pick the flowers while you may, but leave the fruit until it is fully ripe or it will be at best tasteless and hard, and at worst bitter and completely unusable.

The 7 of Pentacles is about patience, and knowing how to tend to what’s necessary while waiting for the right time to reap the reward – no jumping the gun or trying to hurry things along here – the time spent waiting is part of the necessary process that allows the fruit to ripen to its fullest juicy sweetness.  And in the meantime, there are plenty of flowers to offer their shorter term pleasures.


Not the kind to use a pencil or rule..

February 10, 2011


“The hands are special. I think of them as the blue prints of life. They contain so much detail and the beauty is that I can help people understand who they are to enable them to make the most of what they have.

“The shape of the hands, skin texture and lines are major elements. The lines develop in the womb from around three months. They can tell you the personality type of a child as they are born. That is not to say it is predestined because you can make your own destiny, but they do give a good indication of their potential.

“From a medical perspective, I have spoken to midwives who have said that by looking at a baby’s hand they can determine if there is the likelihood of conditions such as Down’s syndrome. There is a lot of science in hand reading. Even Carl Jung was an advocate.” ~ Errol Symon, Chirologist


Holler for a Marshall

February 10, 2011



The roots of Jin Shin Jyutsu®  stem from a number of traditions including the Kojiki – a record of ancient information, oriental medicine, astrology, numerology, kabala and the trinity.

It works on the principle that life energy moves through the body along distinct pathways.

Hands are placed on designated energy points, known as “safety energy locks”. There are 26 of these on either side of the body and they flow along energy pathways. These pathways are called “flows”. When one or more of these flows becomes blocked the resulting stagnation can disrupt the local area and eventually break the harmony of the path of the energy flow.

There are 12 organ harmonising flows in the system. The organs are like an orchestra with each one conducting their part in the symphony at a particular time each day or night.

Holding these energy locks in combination causes a harmonious and synchronised pulsing, which helps to restore balance mentally, physically and spiritually. Generally a person feels a sense of deep relaxation and stress relief after a session.

With Jin Shin Jyutsu®, problems encountered during birth and in utero can be cleared and a person’s destiny can be enhanced.

It is easy to learn and apply. Children can be taught to clear their own energy blocks resulting in them being able to control and participate in their own good health. ~ Jeanette Leigh

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Now Know Myself

February 10, 2011

Jiro Murai

The name Jin Shin Jyutsu means “The Art of the Creator through the person of compassion.”  The healing art that those words represent is based upon our own natural, innate ability to harmonize ourselves. For thousands of years, ancient peoples used this awareness to heal both themselves and others. But with successive generations this awareness grew dimmer until it was all but forgotten. In the early part of the twentieth century, a Japanese sage named Jiro Murai recovered Jin Shin Jyutsu – out of necessity.

Jiro Murai was born in Taiseimura (currently Kaga City), in Ishikawa Prefecture, in 1886. He was the second son born to his parents. Jiro’s father, like his father and so many of his ancestors, was a medical doctor. Since Japanese custom expected that the eldest son would follow in the profession of his father, Jiro was free to choose his own path. He started out as a breeder of silkworms, but he had a reckless nature and overindulged in food and drink – even to the point of entering eating contests, in which he was awarded cash prizes for consuming huge quantities. By the time he was 26, he was seriously ill. A succession of doctors treated him, but his condition only worsened until he was pronounced incurable and given up for terminally ill. As a last request, he asked his family to carry him on a stretcher to their mountain cabin and to leave him there alone for seven days. He asked that they return for him on the eighth day.

The Awakening

There in the cabin Murai fasted, meditated, and practiced various finger postures. During this time he passed in and out of consciousness. His physical body grew colder. But on the seventh day he felt as if he had been lifted out of a deep freeze and thrown into a blazing furnace. When the intense heat subsided, he experienced a tremendous calm and inner peace. To his great surprise, he was healed. He dropped to his knees, gave thanks, and pledged his life to the study of healing.

Muse: Ya, all very interesting, but how do you say that ginseng shit-tzu..?

Jiro: Ah-ha!! No, no, no, grasshopper…shih-tzu, that little white dog…Toto. Other movie…other wizard….say……jin shin jit-soo….then click your heels together three times…….

Silk Worm Silver Earrings

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