And when I touch you, I feel happy inside….

February 11, 2011


In the Beginning......


Exercise: Hold CENTER of PALM for FATIGUE

Place your fingers on the center of the palm (either side) when you feel fatigue, or when you feel like sleeping a lot and hold for a few minutes. Also for depression.
Exercise: Hold THUMB for WORRY

Hold your THUMB (either side) to harmonise the attitude of WORRY, and to help:

* Insomnia
* Digestion
* Headaches (esp. base of thumb)
* Stress and nerves
* Ground and calm
* Nurture
* Skin surface
* Stomach and spleen energy
* When have to SIT a lot

Exercise: Hold INDEX finger for FEAR

Hold INDEX finger (either side) to harmonise FEAR and ANXIETY, and to help:

* Teeth and gums
* Backaches
* Digestion, constipation
* Self criticism, shyness
* Muscle tension
* Kidney and bladder energy
* When have to STAND a lot (be on your feet)

~ Sourced from JSJ-holds

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