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It’s Just A Flesh Wound

March 1, 2011

Juana of Castile

One of the most iconic images of Queen Juana of Castile, known to history as la Loca, or the Mad, is of her standing over a coffin, black veils blowing in the wind as she reaches out a long, trembling hand to open the lid. About her, the courtiers of her retinue look on in silent horror, powerless to stop the demented queen from gazing in disconsolation upon her husband’s shrouded corpse. The coffin, brought with her from the northern city of Burgos, has crossed most of Castile with her and will remain by her side until her own death nearly fifty years later in the castle of Tordesillas. In death Juana has found the devotion she never had in life and the devastation of her loss mingles with irrational relief that no other woman will ever compete for her husband’s affections again, that Philip of Habsburg is finally hers forever.  (Read more at Mad Monarchs)


Image Credit: Susan Fenton

She walks these hills in a long black veil 
She visits my grave where the night winds wail 
Nobody knows, no, and nobody sees 
Nobody knows but me

The sky froze high and eternity neared 
She stood in the crowd and shed not a tear 
But sometimes at night when the cold wind moans 
In a long black veil she cries over my



Hole in the River

March 1, 2011

Image Credit: Janes Oceania

There’s a hole in the river where a memory lies
From the land of the living to the air and sky
~ Crowded House

At least two time capsules have been discovered underneath earthquake damaged Christchurch with the man who found them saying the mayor was so excited when it was handed to him it was “like he’d won the lottery”.

Two time capsules were discovered in Cathedral Square under the plinth of a statute of John Robert Godley, damaged in the quake. One was a small glass capsule while the other was a large metal-like object. 

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker said the discovery was “remarkable”.

There were also reports of a third capsule in the square.

Museum director Anthony Wright said he had been told rescue teams had also found a time capsule that was in the base of the cross that came off ChristChurch Cathedral in the Square.

“We have no idea what’s in the cathedral one.”

The first task would be to stabilise the paper found in the half-smashed glass bottle.

Wright said the time capsule smells a bit like blue cheese and two words could be made out: “by” and “erected”.

“People would love to know what’s in it,” said Wright.

The age of the time capsules is not known. There were several opportunities to put the capsules under the plinth of the John Robert Godley statue – one when it was first erected in 1867, or when it was returned to its original site in 1933, after being removed in 1918 to make way for a tram shelter and toilets, which were later demolished.

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Blowing Out The Candles

March 1, 2011



Image Credit: Ursi’s Eso Garden

Quite frequently entity attachments are family members who after death still feel compelled to complete their unfinished business with either the living, or by hanging around the family line. An example would be a mother or father who died prematurely still wanting to protect their children. Another example might be a baby who was aborted and stays with its mother because it still desires to be born.

Ancestor attachments can be passed down from the generations, from ancient ancestors that a person never knew. Modern psychology recognizes that family patterning of issues such as addiction, incest, abuse and other psychological complexes can be passed down from generations past and linger in family lines even if the current parents did not have these issues. It has been shown in studies that sometimes issues skip generations; the most common explanation for this is that it is ‘genetic’. The ‘shamanic’ understandings of this is, the spirits of the generations past need healing and are still affecting the living. Working with the Ancestors directly affects the current generations, so that they can live unfettered from these unresolved issues. (Read more here)

Wryly From the Muse

It’s my 50th birthday in a couple of weeks…..I think they’re planning a big party. 

I’m planning a mass smudging…..