Blowing Out The Candles

March 1, 2011



Image Credit: Ursi’s Eso Garden

Quite frequently entity attachments are family members who after death still feel compelled to complete their unfinished business with either the living, or by hanging around the family line. An example would be a mother or father who died prematurely still wanting to protect their children. Another example might be a baby who was aborted and stays with its mother because it still desires to be born.

Ancestor attachments can be passed down from the generations, from ancient ancestors that a person never knew. Modern psychology recognizes that family patterning of issues such as addiction, incest, abuse and other psychological complexes can be passed down from generations past and linger in family lines even if the current parents did not have these issues. It has been shown in studies that sometimes issues skip generations; the most common explanation for this is that it is ‘genetic’. The ‘shamanic’ understandings of this is, the spirits of the generations past need healing and are still affecting the living. Working with the Ancestors directly affects the current generations, so that they can live unfettered from these unresolved issues. (Read more here)

Wryly From the Muse

It’s my 50th birthday in a couple of weeks…..I think they’re planning a big party. 

I’m planning a mass smudging…..



  1. Gearing up for the Big Five Oh, eh?

  2. Yeah….the Big Five Oh-My-God!

  3. Welcome Sue. I sure hope 50 forward will be harvest years; I feel like I’m being re-initiated.

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