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Fluting Fifty

March 2, 2011

Fluted Giant Clam

Image Credit: Wonder Creation  a nature-themed blog to share the rich natural heritage Singapore still has.

When I was a whipper-snapper, I saw some old movie on TV – something about pearl-divers mayhaps, or could have been one of those undersea Ethel Merman extravaganzas – I dunno.  Anyways a giant clam grabs onto the leg of one of the divers which seriously skeered the bejebus out of little me, and for a rool long time, I believed there were people-eating clams lurking in deep water waiting to capture the foolish and the foolhardy.

(I also believed Godzilla et all were rooly and trooly fair dinkum, alive and well, in some cave in Japan.  But I digress……)

 Fast forward many years later –  I’m snorkeling (trying to) on the Great Barrier Reef, dogpaddling on the surface while peering at the reef through my goggles and trying to get the whole paddlekickbreathe Zen thang going while the life-jacket keeps bobbing up under my chin and I’m trying to let some air out so its not so overinflated, while not letting out too much air so that I end up…you know…..drowning;  when I see it

The Giant People-Eater Clam!!!!!

 And that was when I first learned I could walk on water…..


Fluted Giant Clam – Shell Essences™

While guided by the Shell Essences Angels, I asked on behalf of all to be directed to select a Shell Essence that relates to our collective healing and
guidance and the result is Fluted Giant Clam.

The healing message is:

 “I face my life feeling fabulous each day and commit to my future without aging stress in the way.”

Fluted Giant Clam is a powerful healer for fear of aging, or perhaps we may feel weighed down by the year that was? It also encourages a feeling of youthfulness and self certainty; it has benefits to our lymphatic flows and general internal cleansing.

~ text Nancy Parker of Shell Essences

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