March 7, 2011

one day a rooster....the next a feather duster

Image Credit: Ye Olde Fashion , serious eye candy

Between September 2010 and September 2011, Black Moon Lilith (True) will dance across the Aries point no less than 20 times, bringing her energy out into the open. She will not revisit this point again until 2019. Mercury, ever close to the blazing Sun, will also fly into Aries, giving voice to the individual.

Celeste Teal states that the Aries point is “indicative of a spectacular out rush of energies”. She was talking in reference to transits/progressions to this point in the chart but on a mundane scale, the implications are similar. It is as though Lilith and Uranus are already making their energy known through rebellion and the fight for freedom which we have seen in the Middle East. Lilith famously denounced the ‘authority’ of Adam, refusing to be dictated to about where her position in life should lie. Uranus revolutionises, kicks the old order to the curb, leaps into the unknown and untried. The Full Moon in March may well be a trigger point as it is conjunct Lilith. Lilith at Full Moon point will be teetering at the edge of Pisces screaming to Uranus to catch her from his Aries point position.

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