I have to do what again…?

March 7, 2011

Naaaaah, I don't think so!

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Earth is fully in her own transformation. This is not a state of pathology or from being ruined by humans. This is a natural state that happens when growth occurs and is a sign of health. Moving water is healthy. Stagnant water is not. If there was no energy moving at all on Earth, it would be a sign of a dying planet.

We need to hold our own “ground” during this time. Energetically Earth has been our ground, or stabilizing force,  but as she is deep into transformation we must hold that quality for her. This is an energetic stance of balance and stabilization.

We are NOT in a state of evolution but in a state of involution. In evolution, we grow or transform from the current state we are in. During involution the new level comes down onto the planet. All that’s required is to step out of the old state of being and into the new one. It’s effortless.

The new state of being or the new paradigm is ALREADY HERE. We don’t need to wait for some big moment in 2012. We can start experiencing it now. I’m in the new energies and let me tell you…the view is great!

It’s not enough to be in soul purpose anymore (or trying to get there). We need to be in soul purpose aligned to the Earth. Which is transforming at a tremendous rate and requires us to stay current with her to be effective.

About Gia Combs-Ramirez

I am a soul intuitive and energy healer, a master of energy and consciousness. With my spiritual gifts for reading energy, I am able to look at your soul’s perspective of your life and see if you are in alignment with it at a personal level. If not, then with energy healing, I can align you from personal to spiritual levels. The results: A life of joy, grace, empowerment and ease.

My bio…

I grew up on a dude ranch outside a small town in Montana. Summers were heaven, school time was hell. We didn’t have a TV, radio was almost nonexistent and our local library was the Bookmobile that occasionally came through town. Needless to say, words like “psychic, clairvoyant, healer” were not part of our vocabulary. It was only later that I discovered my greatest joys in the summer had to do with Nature Spirits.

At age 14, I stated my definitive purpose in life: I wanted to grow up to be a rancher’s wife (women’s lib was slow to come to Montana). My life promptly went other directions. I’ll share some of those stories in more posts to come, but much like following one link to another, then to another, it would look like this: Montana> Mexico> Marriage 1> Divorce> Massage School in New Mexico> Marriage 2> Energy Healing> Developing Reading Energy> Montana> Discovery of Crystalline Consciousness Technique™> Development of CCT classes> Healing with horses> Healing the Earth> Study of new energy paradigms. Read more: The Science of Energy Healing



  1. with you there Vi – well hows about the two are complimentary. Earth evo – human invo….but, hey, there are no boundaries….looking forward

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