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Whirlpool to the Power of Four

March 13, 2011
Whirlpool caused by Japan earthquake

The card appeared, with something like a whirlpool in the middle.  I think in esoteric terms it might be called a ‘tourbillon’ (just another word for whirlpool, really).  I watched it darken and concentrate.  The whirlpool divided into four whirlpools and then each one shaped itself into a wand.  It was very interesting, kind of took my breath away.

So let’s talk about the Four of Wands.  As I understand the Tarot it is a projection of the Kabalistic Tree of Life.  On the Tree of Life four stands for stability, strength, sometimes majesty.  Sometimes it’s called Gedulah, meaning ‘Splendour’.  It stands for true kingship, for what kings would be if there were real ones.  Wands, of course, are Cosmic Fire.  Or, more accurately, they are the Divine Spark that lights the fire. Read more…..
Aura-Soma’s Trainer, Dominic Yeoman, was in Japan at the time of the earthquake…..”Today was a big earthquake in Japan. I am here teaching in Nagoya south of Tokyo. This afternoon, day 1 of the class, we were looking at Tarot cards and bottles a d placing them in the Tree of Life. Each student had chosen a card and we were slowly going around the room. It had just been my turn. Mine was the 4 of Pentacles. Read more

Whirlpool Galaxy cross

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Chicken Tikkum Olam

March 13, 2011


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Sabian Symbol Virgo 6: A merry-go-round


Following a realization and experience of a universal truth regarding all of humanity (Virgo 5), one will want to redouble efforts to just fit in and get along with others. Hence the merry-go-round: everyone on the same ride where a natural process of ups and downs is experience by everyone.

Virgo 6 initiates a new enthusiasm for blending in and cooperatively engaging with others… any others. Guided by a firm conviction of at least one thing that binds mankind together, the Virgo 6 individual is willing to give it a go and work with others.

~ Source: Blain Bovee, Sabian Symbol Specialist