Conking Chiron; helping Hygiea

March 17, 2011

Crowning Hygiea

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I am so over the unwholesome wounded healer archetype of Chiron and have shifted into the energies of Asklepius and Hygiea.

Alison Gunn’s article from May 2010, The Forgotten Healer: Asklepius , throws down the gauntlet for those who are enamoured with the Wounded Healer and in telling Chiron’s sad old gotshotwithapoisonedarrow story.

Wot a hoary chestnut!

Certainly, use the natal Chiron placement to identify where the wound lies…..but quit picking at it.  The healing energies are present in the signs and houses that Asklepius and Hygiea occupy……..that is if, you are committed to healing.

Woundology has become the official language of intimacy and as Caroline Myss observes, healing is unattractive:

The initial assumption of all practitioners is that people want to get healthy. Dr Myss questions this assumption. In her experience, she has found that most people find healing unattractive. She uses the example of therapy as a boat that takes a person across a river. The unfortunate thing is that most people do not want to get off on the other side. The reason for this is that the healed person would simultaneously have to give up the perceptions that cause the illness AND the emotional benefits and manipulative power provided by the same illness and perceptions.

Time to row the boat ashore, is it not?



  1. As a traditional astrologer I don’t see how using Chiron creates or encourages a fixation or attachment to any particular wound. But maybe they keep coming into our lives so we learn and grow from them. If we fear them, and as long as we don’t know how to handle them, they will keep coming. In that sense, Chiron can be a powerful and positive Archetype, giving names and meanings to really important patterns in a client’s life.

    I’d hate to throw Chiron out when he is so new to our psyches and to astrology in modern times. Barbara Clow Hand (seems to have disappeared into the 2012 Mayan calender thing now) wrote a truly brilliant book on Chiron as the Rainbow Bridge (I know, there is that Rainbow again!) But it is extremely, almost wildly, insightful – I think you might like it.

    And,come to think of it, Chiron raised Asklepius and taught him everything he knew! He is the Hero who exchanged his life for the life of Prometheus…Chiron taught many, many other gods and goddesses in all the sacred arts, above all medicine, but astrology too. So maybe there is still hope for Chiron after all!

  2. As a non-traditional astrologer, I feel it is time that Asklepius and Hygiea received more attention – being students of Chiron. Is that not what every Master desires for their student? To find their own way, to take the teachings and evolve through them; create something new? I think Chiron has earned a comfortable retirement….

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