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Alternative Astrology: Huskvarna

March 19, 2011


Husqvarna Freya Sewing Machine circa 1890-1925

Huskvarna 7528 – discovered 1993 Mar. 19 at the European Southern Observatory in the course of the Uppsala-ESO Survey of Asteroids and Comets.

Huskvarna (formerly Husqvarna) is a city located at the southernmost edge of lake Vättern in southern Sweden. The town is famous for the Husqvarna rifle factory founded in 1689, now turned into a factory to produce sewing machines.

Curiously this asteroid sits on my Midheaven.  My mother, the daughter of a poor country dressmaker and an accomplished needlewoman herself, taught me how to use her electric sewing machine when I was about 7 or 8.  I promptly drove the needle through my thumb, and calmly pulled it out.

My mother went for a cup of tea and a lie down.

Varna refers to the categorization of the Hindu society into four castes, and as the ‘varna’ in Huskvarna keeps popping out at me, it may be that where this asteroid dwells in one’s chart, could indicate a socioeconomic cultural barrier, a karma,  one has to work within.  Certainly in small town Australian country towns of my grandmothers and mothers generations; a class system did exist.  It still does.

I longed to be a dressmaker when I was a child. I wanted to attend a Textile College, leaving High School at the end of Year 10.  My mother had set ideas about her vision for my brilliant career, being the middle child of a impoverished country dressmaker with 7 mouths to feed…….my mother never saw me. 

She had sewn herself into a sackcloth of sorrow and regret and lined it with fur.


Image Credit: View From the Northern Wall

I became a quiltmaker in 1988. I became a piecemaker.

Freyja is a goddess I am very very fond of.  I was born on a Friday.

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