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Squirrel Madness: tales of ancient grease

March 21, 2011

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The Beginning (or the version they teach kids at school)

The Greeks believed that at the beginning of time there was only one being, named Chaos. From Chaos came the earth, which took the form of a goddess called Gaia (or Gaea), and the sky, which was a god called Uranus.

Among the children of Gaia and Uranus were Rhea, Oceanus, and Cronus (or Cronos). Uranus was a rotten father. He kept his children prisoners in caves. Determined to get back at her husband for his cruelty. Gaia convinced her youngest son, Cronus, that his father needed to be disposed of immediately.

Dionysis Greek squirrel god crashing myths

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First, Cronus decided to marry his sister, Rhea. Then he killed his father, King Uranus. As old Uranus lay dying, he muttered to Cronus, “You kill me to become king, and your sons will dethrone you as well.” After his father’s death, Cronus became the ruler of the Titans. The titans were a race of giants who were also known as the elder gods.

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Now, after a message like that, you would think Cronus would never have kids. Instead, Cronus and Rhea had children, but after each baby was born, Cronus would swallow it, whole. Why? He could, he was the king! And he couldn’t take a chance that one of his children would dethrone him!

Jack Nicholsquirrel

Rhea and Cronus had three daughters together (Hera, Demeter, and Hestia), and they were swalled up along with their two sons, Hades and Poseidon. Rhea was fed up. She had a feeling their next child would be a son. So she went down the side of Mount Olympus, where they lived, and gave birth to a boy, far from the palace. She named him Zeus. Then she realized she would have to fool Cronus, otherwise Zeus would suffer the same fate as his siblings. So Rhea wrapped a rock in some blankets and presented the bundle to her husband as their newborn son. Cronus swallowed the rock and blankets in one huge gulp!


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Rhea gave Zeus to a kind farming family who agreed to raise him while she returned to live on Mount Olympus. Zeus grew up to be a beautiful, kind boy. After many years, Rhea was sad without Zeus and so she found him and took him back to her palace. Now, wouldn’t you think Cronus would have Zeus killed upon his return? But Cronus was superficial, and when he saw how handsome and smart Zeus was, he allowed him to live. That proved to be a big mistake!

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That same night, Rhea and Zeus prepared a drink that would force Cronus to vomit. And he did. He threw up all five children, and Zeus gained three sisters and two brothers! (If you are a god, you are not technically digested, and so you can come back to life again). Zeus started an argument with Cronus, and an all-out battle began between them.

Fighting squirrels I saw Elvis do this move at Vegas,....

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Cronus asked the Titans for their help. Zeus brought together his distant cousins, the Cyclopes and the Hundred-Handed Ones, and led them in a battle against the Titans.

Fight club: A group of Cape Ground Squirrels watch the fracas

Who's ya daddy?

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Out of nowhere there was a loud scream, and something caused Cronus and the Titans to run. Some believe Zeus murdered Cronus with the same blade that Cronus had used to kill his own father. The truth is that we don’t really know what happened. What we do know is that Zeus was made king, and he and his siblings took over Mount Olympus and the palace from that day on.

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Text squirreled from:

Myth Madness! tales of Ancient Greece  by Dorothea DePrisco Wang, Scholastic Inc. Press, 2002 (this edition is only available for distribution through the school market).  Which I purchased for $1 from my Needful Things PreLoved Bookshop, when I couldn’t find a Seth book…..


Into the Wildwood

March 21, 2011


Somebody tell Chiron to get out of the way…….

The Archer holds the broad longbow poised in the act of release. The bow is of an ancient design, the fletchings are of goose feather, taken from the right wing, and the arrowhead is flint. The Archer’s gaze is focused and steady as she looks beyond the arrow into the sky, holding the tension between the bow and the sinew bowstring with controlled and relaxed intent. She wears a simple amulet and appears serene and confident yet full of purpose. By her side stand two great hunting dogs, messengers of the power she holds within herself. Just as spells and curses were loosed through the air by hunters and shamans, so we must ourselves tune in to this ancient process and become archers with quivers full of ideas and desires, capable of forming and focusing our aim in the steady drawing of our will and then loosing our creative and intellectual drives in a controlled and effective way.

The Wildwood Tarot is a complete reconception and redesign of the popular Greenwood Tarot.  It’s still in progress, but scheduled for mid-2011.  Read more at Aecletic Tarot

Where Myth Intersects with the Mallee

A duck-shooting protester has been shot in the face with pellets on the first day of Victoria’s controversial hunting season.

The 43-year-old St Kilda woman was taken to hospital in a stable condition with facial injuries after being hurt at Lake Buloke near Donald in the state’s north-west about 9:00am (AEDT) on Saturday.

Police say the shooter was a 14-year-old boy who accidentally hit the woman while hunting with his uncle.  Read more…..

From the Muse

Fourteen years old! Too young to have sex, drink or drive…..and can’t aim straight.  Can’t be a country kid that’s for sure.   Ya can kinda imagine how Chiron might have got wounded and how some ancient PR person spun the myth..


Alban Elfed: what’s it all about Elfie?

March 21, 2011

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Alban Elfed

This is the Feast of the Autumn Equinox. The Light of the Sun in the Wheel of the Year stands in the West, in the Place of balance between the Light and the Darkness. This is a time of the Great Tides. This is the Gateway of the Year.

This Feast is known by many names to many people, for the Truth is reflected from many mirrors. It has been celebrated as Alban Elfed and Harvest. Our ancestors called it by names long forgotten, and our children will call it by names as yet unconceived.

At this time, our ancestors saw the Sun, for the first time in half a year, be unable to outshine the Dark. Although he still shines with strength, his strength grows weaker as the days grow shorter. Today he holds the Darkness in in equal measure to the Light, but he is struck in his season with the wound of Time and from day to day the darkness will grow as the Lord of Light sinks into his Age, for the wound is grievous and will not heal. This is a time of farewell and gratitude for the Summer that has been.

At this time, our ancestors saw the Lady who is the Spirit of the Land stand before her people with the full bounty of her Harvest. Here is the reward of labour and reverence of the Land. This is the fulfilled promise of the days of Spring and Summer. This is the Reckoning of the Year, for Harvest is now complete and the portions are set to feed folk and animals through the cold dark days that lie ahead. This is a time of wonder and gratitude for the gifts the Lady showers down upon her people.

This is the time of the turning of the Light into Darkness. Let us step forward into the darkening days holding before us the divine promise of new Light at the end of the Dark Days, from year to year and life to life. This is the lesson of the Lord and the Lady. This is our knowledge and our affirmation.

This is the Holy Word that is written in no less than the Earth and the Sky and in all things that are made. This is a wonder and a marvel. –Coifi    

Mellow fruiting ripeness,
Heavy-scented dampness
Hangs coolly on my skin
As I drink in autumn Awen.

Silver-misty morning,
Jewelled cobwebs sparkling,
And the sun proclaims the last
Of his yellow-golden warmth.

Blackbirds sing for joy,
Spiders doze in palaces,
And I stretch my lazy body,
Waking, crying welcome.

My love is soft damp autumn,
Red-purple rounding fruits,
Seeping through my curving,
Pulsing rapture through my blood.

~ Willow


March Moomba Festival, Melbourne 2011

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I’d never really thought about it until now….the connection with Melbourne’s Moomba Festival and the Autumn Equinox. Moomba is Australia’s largest free community festival and one of the longest running festivals in Australia. Held annually in the city of Melbourne, Australia, Moomba is celebrated during the Labour Day long weekend (over four days, from Friday to the second Monday in March), and has been celebrated since 1955.  [Read more]

Some people think Moomba really means ‘up your bum’…..

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