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In bed with metaphors

March 28, 2011'd ya hide the Bodhi nuts?

Image Credit: My Friend, p2p

Contemplation of my life

Decides the choice

Between advance and retreat.

Here be squirrels. Hold onto your nuts!

~ with apologies to I Ching


Damn….a Sicilian Defence

March 28, 2011

Image Credit: Vulcan Stev’s Database


The Book of Squirrel: hiding patterns

March 28, 2011

Man is born broken.

He lives by mending.

The grace of God is glue.

~ Eugene O’Neill, The Great God Brown.


… is the formation of a large number of small hoards or caches of nuts and other seeds. Many species of squirrel, including the Eastern Gray Squirrel and the fox squirrel, are well known for scatter hoarding. This behavior plays an important part in seed dispersal, as those seeds that are left uneaten will have a chance to germinate, thus enabling plants to spread their populations effectively.

Scatter-Hoarding & SoulCollage®

the formation of a large number of small hoards or caches of colourful magazines (new and old), and even larger numbers of folders with magazine elements, loosely arranged into categories of food, animals, landscape, flowers, ..or maybe by colour, shape and theme. Or maybe just in one big pile….unsorted and assorted in a box………under the table.

European Red Squirrel

Image Credit: Freubel Art

Under the Elm Tree

Sheldon B. Kopp

(29 March 1929 – 29 March 1999) 

Psychotherapist. Author.