April’s New Moon

March 29, 2011


Vulcan: a Moon God

Kozminsky Symbol for Vulcan at April’s New Moon

Aries 20:   A blacksmith hammering a piece of red-hot iron on an anvil.

Everyone knows about the Sabian Symbols, but only a few have knowledge of Kozminsky’s set of symbolic images associated to the 360 degrees of the zodiac.

Isidore Israel Kozminsky was born on 25th October 1870 into a Prussian Jewish family who had emigrated to Australia via London a few years before his birth. Kozminsky was a well-known Jewish occult and esoteric author, reputed to have been a leading member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. His works reveal a very broad knowledge of esoteric tradition and astrological knowledge. During his life Kozminsky wrote several valuable books on astrology and numerology.

In 1917 he published his work on the zodiac degrees in a book named ‘Zodiacal Symbology and its Planetary Power’; which is an invaluable tool for interpreting natal charts in greater depth. In this book, Kozminsky describes each degree of the zodiac in terms of its planetary vibration, symbol and interpretation. When ascendant, midheaven or planet has additional minutes of arc, he recommends that the interpretation for the next degree be applied; hence 17Leo14 is classed as 18 degrees Leo.

Kozminsky, along with his wife and two children moved from Australia to London around 1935, presumably because London had established itself as the centre of esoteric and occult tradition by that time and though Kozminsky had a doctorate in archaeology and owned a well established jewelry business it was esoteric tradition that became his lifelong passion. He died in London in 1940 aged 70.

Having survived two war time bombings he was knocked down an escalator on the London underground and sadly never recovered. His vast writings and deep understanding of esoteric tradition are his lasting legacy.

~ Cornerstone-Astrology


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