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Miller Time (II)

March 30, 2011

Image Credit: The Quick + Dirty Dirty

It fascinates me that one of the world’s best-kept secrets is how cinemas have become our new covert cathedrals. I believe cinema is now the most powerful secular religion, and people gather in cinemas to experience things collectively, the way they once did in church.

Ed Chigliak ~ shaman-in-training, Northern Exposure

Image Credit: The Longue Durée

The cinema storytellers have become the new priests. They’re doing a lot of the work of our religious institutions, which have so concretised the metaphors in their stories, taken so much of the poetry, mystery and mysticism out of religious belief, that people look for other places to question their spirituality. I don’t think we fully understand yet the need of people to gather together to listen to a story, and the power of that act.”  ~ George Miller, Moviemaker, Goodweekend, 14 Oct 1995