Suijin. Water. Shinto.

April 4, 2011

Mizu-no-Kamisama, Goddess of Water

Image Credit: Frogman12834 

Prayer and Water

Prayer is as old as our desire to communicate with something larger than ourselves, and as new and recent as our hunger for spiritual peace in the midst of a turbulent world.

Prayer is also a process, whereby we seek to shift our awareness to a kind of broader context, a deeper understanding, and a new way of acting and being.

Prayer is a way to shift our perspective on life. In our prayer practice we to learn to identify what spiritual qualities we wish to embrace; we invite those qualities into our energy system and our physical body; and we strive to live those qualities daily.

Whether to God, prophets, other types of sentient beings or for causes and hopes dear and desperate, prayer is a tool that helps weave us into the great fabric of the Universe.

Water is truly one of the most remarkable substances in the Universe. It is the most precious and sacred substance you can bring into your body. In chemistry, it is called ‘the universal solvent’ because it dissolves more substances than any other liquid.

Water forms 72% of our Planet’s surface. It forms about 60% of our overall bodies’ weight; it is about 70% of our brain’s weight, and about 90% of our lungs’ weight. Pure water is neutral, neither acidic nor basic. It is a perfect ‘carrier’ for substances. Water holds the memory of everything that it comes in contact with, and because of that, it can be imbued with energetic and sacred qualities that enhance our life, improve our health, and bring us into connection with the larger universe of spirit. WaterPrayer is a way to blend these special attributes of water with our intent to communicate with spirit.

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