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Il Violino Rossi

April 6, 2011

Cesca & Anna, The Red Violin

The Story.. 

Nicolò Bussotti  is a violin maker who is married to Anna Rudolfi, pregnant with their first child. Anna is worried about her own health, as she believes her age may complicate her pregnancy and birth, but Nicolo is confident, saying that he has the best people available when she is due for delivery. Anna sees her servant Cesca  with questions about her child’s future, Cesca uses a form of tarot cards to determine this.

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Cesca cannot determine the future of someone not born, but she does offer to read Anna’s future instead. Anna chooses five cards, and Cesca’s first card (The Moon) signifies that Anna would live a long life.

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Cesca predicts the second card (The hanged man) means disease and suffering for those around Anna.

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Cesca’s third card is Il Diavolo (the devil), and she explains that Anna will meet a handsome and intelligent man, that will seduce her “with his talent and worse”.

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Cesca predicts the fourth card (Justice) means tough times ahead, featuring a trial and persecution.

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The final card (Death) Cesca sees does not predict death, but due to the positioning (the card is seen upside down), she sees it as something else, as a rebirth, where Anna will be pursued by many suitors and that there shall be lots of money involved.