The Nine Blossoms of Blodeuwedd: Broom

April 18, 2011

Scotch Broom

The Awareness Crisis

One common experience reported by people using flower essences is an intensification of certain traits prior to experiencing a transformation. For example, someone taking Willow essence for resentment may have an acute awareness of resentment, before being able to let go and forgive. This seeming increase of an emotional trait has similarities to an “aggravation” produced by a homeopathic remedy, or a “healing crisis” stimulated by such cleansing practices as fasting.

We call this phenomenon an awareness crisis, because it is caused by bringing unconscious emotions and attitudes to the surface of awareness. Since they were previously hidden or disowned, these qualities seem more intense when brought to consciousness. Such experiences provide us with a clear opportunity to witness and acknowledge negative or dysfunctional aspects of ourselves ~ Patricia Kaminski & Robert Katz, Using Flower Essences: A Practical Overview

Wi the burn stealing under the lang yellow broom ~ Robbie Burns

I remember as a child in the 1950s, yellow scotch broom was already all over the place. It would suck the ground dry with its extensive root system & nothing would grow on the ground beneath it. This meant us kids could crawl around underneath it, along a network of wonderful paths, without encountering stickers or undergrowth or even mud, the roots sucked the soil so dry. From us kids’ point of view, those stands of broom were great. ~ Image & Words by Paghat the Ratgirl

Scotch Broom

Positive Qualities: Positive and optimistic feelings about the world and about future events; sun-like forces of caring, encouragement and purpose

We live in a time of great uncertainty, transformation, and upheaval. These powerful conditions can predispose many souls to feel very anxious and depressed about their lives and the future of the Earth. Such persons may be morbidly attracted to apocalyptic scenarios of the future, or the exposure to mass media portrayal of world events may arouse intense feelings of pessimism and despair. These feelings burden the soul with extreme emotional weight so that the soul becomes heavy and “deep-pressed.”

At the core of such illness is the feeling of “What’s the use?” or “Why try?” The depression such persons experience is characterized not only by feelings about their personal lives, but about the world as a whole and their relationship to world events. Thus the soul is paralyzed in the positive use of its forces, unconsciously adding to the darkness of the “world-psyche”.

Scotch Broom gives tenacity and strength, enabling the individual to move from personal despair to impersonal service and care for the welfare of the world. This essence helps the soul to meet the challenges of our times as opportunities for self-growth and for helping others. In making this transition, the soul shifts from its unconscious identification with world darkness to the vision of a more hopeful, positive world future.

~ Flower Essence Repertory, the Flower Essence Society

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