The Nine Blossoms of Blodeuwedd: Bean

April 18, 2011



Coral Bean Flower Essence

Flower color: scarlet
Essence type: Individual

Flower Essence Description

Coral Bean helps overcome a drug-like dulling of the survival instinct. It stimulates focus and will in facing or recovering from dangerous situations.

Harmonizing Qualities

  • brings us in touch with inner, self-protective wisdom;
  • clarity about how to handle the same type of situation so it is no longer dangerous, but a stepping stone to owning our own power and taking care of ourself;
  • clarity about situations that in the past had been “dangerous” to ourself and our processes;
  • helps us contact and realign our will, focus and concentration;

 Patterns of Imbalance

  • “I can’t, I can’t!” attitude;
  • expecting things to be hard and go wrong;
  • feeling drugged, spacey, detached, loss of will, loss of concentration, stumbling around;
  • self-destructive;

Sourced at Desert Alchemy Flower Essence

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