The Nine Blossoms of Blodeuwedd: Chestnut

April 20, 2011

Red Chestnut ~ aesculus carnea

Image Credit: Flower Essence Society

Awen Essences: Red Chestnut

The teaching of red chestnut is about learning free oneself from distraction by external influences: Learning that one’s own unique ‘Way’ cannot be disturbed by another. We choose what is right for us. This tree seems to bring an understanding of the eternal universal flow of energy and the spiralling nature of all things. (Like many of the essences which I have made, red chestnut brings a new understanding that how we choose to perceive things can directly change how we experience what is happening.) 

 Red chestnut essence is a good essence for those who are easily influenced, or thrown of balance by external influences, such as what others say or do, worrying about them or about what will happen next. When we judge and label things in our minds we create barriers, both within ourselves, and between us and everyone else.

 Red Chestnut helps to restore a sense of acceptance and openness, and helps one learn to be calm within when looking out. Also for those who are usually capable but may have become ‘bogged down’ in some way by the stresses of their lives. Red chestnut helps to restore a much-needed sense of perspective and balance.

Red Chestnut ~ "walk your talk"

Red Chestnut people live their lives as a process of abandonment, as if their spirit, suffering through the passage into incarnation, had abandoned its primordial condition. They experience inner disconnection as suffering unaccompanied by maturation and they project it onto others in the guise of obsessive love. [Source Daniele Lo Rito, Bach Flower Massage]

White Chestnut ~ aesculus hippocastanum

Awen Essences: White Chestnut

This tree takes our awareness beyond mind, beyond thought: A blank canvass. Only from this place of true stillness can we perceive the universe as it truly is; perceiving not with one or two of the senses at a time but with the whole being, directly. The energy of the white chestnut feels a bit like floating on a large body of water; so large that the perspective of oneself is unequivocally altered. An essential tree essence for learning to become aware of the silence underlying all form; for stilling the raging torrents of thoughts and worries; for realising and contemplating the nature of inner peace. These attributes also make white chestnut essence an important essence for those who are seeking to tune or broaden their perception, for only from a point of inner stillness can we ever hope to perceive clearly beyond the veil.

Chestnut Bud-in-sphere

Image Credit: Callum McKenzie-Milne

Bach Flower: Chestnut Bud

Indicated for those who cannot manage to coordinate their inner worlds with reality and its flow. Unable to assess the relationship between these two worlds, the inner self cannot learn from lived experience. They seem not to want to conclude a cycle in order to begin a new one, and instead spin like tops, prey to the next glamorous fantasy about the future. They keep tripping over the same mistakes, as they are unaware of having made them already, and, rather than realizing the actual moment, they live in projections of the future, where they need not carry any experiential baggage. [Source Daniele Lo Rito, M.D. Bach Flower Massage]

Sweet Chestnut ~ castanea sativa

Bach Flower: Sweet Chestnut

People who need Sweet Chestnut are absolutely despondent. An unexpected blow or a seemingly hopeless situation has brought them to the limit of their emotional endurance. They do not know what to do anymore because they have already tried everything. In this way they experience the total pointlessness of their former actions. This total hopelessness leads to a state of deepest despair and inner void, in which they even feel deserted by God and no longer know hope. They can neither pray nor cry, and they fear that their fate is breaking down. [Source Dietmar Krämer, New Bach Flower Therapies]

Black Squirrel and Chestnuts

Image Credit: Alan Drapal

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