The Nine Blossoms of Blodeuwedd: Corncockle

April 20, 2011

Little Brown Jug and Corncockles

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Great Lakes Sacred Essences: Corncockle

This plant is an energetic giver…..
restores pranic energy (life breath) to ease tired, depleted, worn-out conditions due to overwork or lack of play and rest
Corncockle aids in the absorption of prana or the sacred life giving breath that imparts spirit into matter.
It is an alien introduced from Europe and considered a weed by farmers
as it grows in meadows, along road sides, and into crops.
It is five-petaled, with five linear sepals that extend from the petals
like small swords in five directions.
Its color ranges from light pink to deep magenta.
The center of the flower is colored a high vibratory white.

Cockle-shell critters

This plant is an energetic giver that helps to breathe new life into soil that has been overworked and drained of its natural vitality.
It chooses to grow in disturbed areas to revitalize Nature’s womb with high frequency giving.
This pranic energy allows the etheric body of the soil to be rejuvenated by the spiritual life-giving forces of creative energy.
This flower essence is a gift to those who have lost their inherent vitality and joy to overwork and prolonged struggle.


Life on the physical plane can take its toll as responsibility becomes a burden and sacred rejuvenation, rest, prayer, and play are not honored.
Like the commercially grown cornfield that continues to produce year after year a lifeless harvest fed on petrochemicals, unhonored, leaving the soil bereft of energy or life, we will find our bodies and spirit depleted by continuous unending production.

The Norwegian name for common cockle is "heart shell".

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Corncockle essence is a defender of the spirit.
It helps us reclaim a space for rest and nurturance in our busy days.
It is a giver that oxygenates our aura with life force inviting us to breathe in a slower and stronger manner receiving the pranic breath in all of our bodies
and restoring joy and pleasure.
Probably introduced to the U.S. with imported European wheat, Corncockle goes by many names in Europe.

Stanley Tucci as Puck, A Midsummers Night Dream

It is ‘Puck Needles’ in Sussex, England, ‘Crown of the Field’ in Somerset, England, and ‘Popple’ in Scotland, a name dating from the Middle Ages.

[Sourced Merri Walters of Great Lakes Sacred Essences]

High Tea for Six VIPs ~ Wedgewood 'Corncockle' tea set

Image Credit: Cake-Stand-Heaven

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