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Beltaine? It’s all Samhain to me

April 29, 2011

Melbourne's Southern Star Observation Wheel, Docklands

In 2009 Melbourne’s iconic Southern Star Observation Wheel found a sad turn when it had to be shut down due to cracks and buckling caused by the intense summer heat. The $100 million wheel has since been decommissioned, but that hasn’t stopped designers from thinking about what to do next with the landmark. So why reinvent the wheel you ask? Because it could be transformed into an energy-generating windmill outfitted with solar sails.

Reinventing the Wheel

Geez, I may never get used to living upside-down from the majority of the world’s Pagani.  I have to learn how to be biritual.  It’s confusing.  I might have to go to WitchCamp.  Except I think I’ve already been. There was a weird weekend at some place in 1982 I remember, out Warburton way. Lots of pompous university students and me and my friends, bogans from the wild Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, in our flannelette shirts, acid-wash jeans and bad haircuts.

Those were the days.

Terrifying university students majoring in Social Welfare who did not want to socialise with the class of people their training was preparing them to assist.

Yup, I’ve been to WitchCamp.

I like a bit of bogan in people. I like the refreshing intolerance to “bullshit”. I think that sometimes “get fucked” is a legitimate point of view and regret the fact that it’s not more broadly acceptable – particularly at work. I like the fact that one semi-bogan can tell a funny story to another semi-bogan that involves a completely inappropriate situation, and the listener can overlook the context and still laugh at the story. Admittedly, I prefer it when the bogan-ness is tempered by enough middle-class self-consciousness that you can safely assume the person won’t do anything that may involve you having to give a police statement, but that’s rarely a risk these days. ~ Workday Rant


Symbols for the Big Day

April 29, 2011

Sabian Symbol: 10º Taurus: A red cross nurse.
Natural, unrestrained pouring of self in service to one’s fellow men. Self-expression through compassionate understanding.

Kozminsky Symbol: 10º Taurus: A daintily dressed woman sitting by a placid lake, gazing intently at a man’s face reflected in the water.
Denotes a person of refined tastes and feelings, gifted with clairvoyant power and artistic skill. A union with one of psychic power-a soul-mate-brings harmony or complications (as indicated an the nativity) into a life which commands power and influence. It is a symbol of Descrying.