Fal’e Hafiz

May 4, 2011

In the Persian tradition, whenever one faces a difficulty or a fork in the road, Or even if one has a general question in mind, one would hold that question in mind, and then ask the Oracle of Shiraz Hafiz for guidance.

More often than not, Hafiz, in his own enigmatic way would sing to the questioner and through the song, would get the questioner to look in the mirror of his/her soul. Upon reflection in the mirror of Hafiz’s Ghazal one would be inspired with an answer, a guidance or a direction.

Traditionally, the first line upon which the eyes of the reader fall, would give the answer to the direct question, and the rest of the Ghazal would give further clarification.

ferchrissakes…….NOT the ears!!

Ghazal 133

 Dervish laid a trap with slight of hands and trick of the eyes
With the help of this trickster merry-go-round mystifies.
Tricks of his fate will keep the rabbit in his hat
How can you trick those whom to secrets are wise?

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