May the Fourth be With You

May 5, 2011

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Of course, yes, I spent years——-if not DECADES———working on what I like to think of as my delicately layered portrait of CARRIE FISHER——–that tragic, dual celebrity offspring/issue——-who went from intergalactic off center fold to  drug addicted cinematic side kick to bi polar one time bride of bite sized brilliant song writer to not so semi autobiographical novel scribbling mother of that beautiful child, fathered by that oops did I forget to mention I was bisexual and ever increasingly influential agent to everyone who is anyone in the Industry, to scream writing script doctor friend of that guy who turned out to be dead when I woke up next to him the morning after my ex’s star studded Oscar party……. to that nut house hopping, weight gaining bon mot mumbling one woman show running round the US, eventually winding up on that great white way for in excess of four months, a performance for which I was NOT nominated for the Antoinette Perry “Tony” Award today———-of all days——-May the forth——–which, for many lisping intergalactic devotees will always or never be remembered as the May the Forth—–yes………may the forth be with you—— and you and you and…………even you…….way out over there………that’s right…….YOU………[Osmotisized from Carrie Fisher’s Blog]

So I’m not a total Geek yet, because I didn’t preknow about the Fourth of May. There’s been so much else going on in the world that I think my Taking the Mickey bellybutton might have been cosmically removed. I shall, however, l have Star Wars Day etched into my full metal diary from this day forward, until death do I fart.  Pardon.

The Fourth was definitely with me yesterday which has me musing on the Force of the Fourth House in astrological parlances.  The Hero/Heroine’s journey and all that….the clothes we were made to wear.

The Heroine’s Journey is multi-faceted, like a multi-level parking station at the Maul……you know we have to do it backwards, wearing high heels, and in get-ups like the above.

I did watch a DVD yesterday, after I was all fourthed out ~ Postcards From The Edge ~ about the War Between Stars ~ Carrie Fisher and her mother, the-woman-whose-husband-dumped-her-for-Elizabeth-Taylor. (Sorry, Liz made me do it)

I grew up watching Hollywood Musicals and a lot of Ginger Rogers. Was it  because I was so young and impressionable that the movies seemed much better then, or were they really that much better then?

Now dancing. I learned ballroom dancing as a teenager. Was my first social community away from my parents ~ pretty big deal. Then I learned beledi when I was 19 and living in New Zealand, which upset my then-partner, because he believed beledi was one-step away from prostitution.  I was working as a bartender, which most people believe is one-step away from prostitution, and I’m a qualified Massage Therapist, which most people believe is prostitution.

I could have made a truck-load of money in my younger years.  I am real sorry I wasted the pretty. If I had known I was going to have so much bad sex, I definitely would have made sure I received better compensation.

Yup, the Fourth is with me.  When I was a kid, I wanted to be Irma La Douce, or maybe just Shirley MacLaine.  I dunno. I think both happened anyway a long time ago…in a galaxy far, far away.

“I’ve got enough nerve to do anything!”

– Ginger Rogers in “Swing Time”

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