Hairy Nose Itchy Butt

May 9, 2011

Southern hairy nose wombat with an itch

Itchity, scratchity, grumble and groan.
A shudder and shake, a snort and a moan.
A grunt and a huff, and a spitterly splut.
He said “I really need to scratch my butt.”

 Who’da thunk it? A charm for butt-scratching……cast the circle thrice about to keep all negativity out..  Ah well, gotta make your own fun around these parts ya know…

There’s also a Northern Hairy Nose wombat and they are the bulldozers of the bush.  (I wonder if the Greenies know that).  In 1983, my Swedish penpal came to visit with me in Melbourne. Her one goal in traveling through Australia was to see a wombat – a live wombat, not roadkill.  So I took her to this wildlife park in Ballarat – Ballarat being the numero uno tourist mecca because it has Sovereign Hill, the Gold Museum, a replica medieval English castle, the Zoo; it’s a good day out.

My friend was awestruck by the wombat.  It was huuuuuuuuuge……the size of an ottoman and built like a tank. 

About 3 months before my Swedish friend visited, I saw a wombat in the wild, trundling along the side of the road. It was a dark night, an unfamiliar country road, and if I had not been alerted to steer more to the middle of the road, I would have hit the wombat and possibly rolled the car.  Wombats happen!

How to make a Wombat Day Cake ~ siriusly quoot!!

Buy The Book

Hairy Nose Itchy Butt by Elizabeth Frankel and Garry Duncan, available from The Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo. Australia Panda Home.

Ever had an itch you couldn’t scratch? Hairy-Nosed Wombat has one, and somebody has chopped down his favourite scratching tree!

Join our marsupial hero on an itchity, scratchity adventure as he tries to find the perfect place to scratch his butt.

Image Credit: Hostile Traveler: viewing the world through bleary eyes. Blog has been inactive since Jan 2009, which is a shame.

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