Bead One, Pray too

May 10, 2011

May the bridges I burn light the Way

Image Credit: Humble Beads

With all the jerk-distractions I have been fielding lately (which puts a whole new meaning on the Law of Attraction let me tell ya’), I was surprised when the Librarian said my book had come in.

Kimberly Winston’s Bead One, Pray Too: a guide to making and using prayer beads.

It’s not quite basket-weaving or macrame but, you know, anything that keeps my hands busy ~ and doesn’t involve a voodou doll ~ is, I think, skilful compassionate action. <cough>

Clever-clogs Kimberly has a blog and a website  plus she has also written a book Fabric of Faith: a  guide to the prayer quilt ministry, and as a quiltmaker, I may be getting a nudge ~ okay a shove ~ to hit the sewing room to make some shrouds quilts and other little natty things that the less crafty may like to pay me an outrageously exorbitant price to let them take home.

Remembering that Lunaea Weatherstone makes Goddess rosaries, I scampered over to visit her blogue and that was better than a prayer and a packet of Tim Tams.

The Medina Squirrel of Beads

Image Credit: Taking the Plunge

Praying with St Patrick

Patrick was the scion of a middle-class Roman family of Christians living in fourth-century Britain. When he was just sixteen years old, he was captured by raiders and sold as a slave in Ireleand. The following prayer, often called “Saint Patrick’s Breastplate” because it was thought to have the power to invoke an armorlike protection, is attributed to him. The transation is by Whitley Stokes, John Strachan, and Kuno Meyer. [Source: p.71  Bead One, Pray too by Kimberly Winston]

The Anglican and Catholic Churches celebrate St Patrick on my birthday, March 17.

Patrick's prayer-peanuts

I bind unto myself today/ the strong Name of the Trinity/by invocation of the same/the Three in One, and the One in Three.

I bind unto myself today the virtues of the starlit heaven/The glorious sun’s life-giving ray/The whiteness of the moon at even/The flashing of the lightning free/The whirling wind’s tempestuous shocks/The stable earth, the deep salt sea/Around the old eternal rocks.

Amusing Story Behind the Image

Squirrel and Neighbour Dilemna (or How Do You Make Squirrels Laugh? Plan a Garden).

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