Haus auf dem Stein

May 11, 2011

Image Credit: Cathedral Stift, Melk, Austria Martin Haesemeyer

A cold draft swept up the spiral staircase. Mrs Bridge, peering down into the gloom, saw her daughter ascending. She snapped on the hall light and they met at the top step. Ruth was taking the last of the pins out of her hair. She reeked of whisky and her dress was unbuttoned. Idly she pushed by her mother and wandered along the hall. Mrs Bridge was too shocked to do anything until Ruth was at the door of her room; there they confronted each other again, for Ruth had felt herself pursued and turned swiftly with a sibilant ominous cry. He green eyes were glittering and she lifted one hand to strike. Mrs Bridge, untouched by her daughter’s hand, staggered backward. ~ p.137, Mrs. Bridge, Evan S. Connell



  1. Never read the book, but I remember the movie version made with Paul Newman and his wife. He was miscast.

  2. Mr & Mrs Bridge, of course, I didn’t make the connection. Probably about the only Paul Newman picture I haven’t seen.

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