Kismet by Mars

May 12, 2011

A New Look at Chiron: A Change in Attitude –  Moonkissed by Jessica

Things are happening fast around my neck of the woods.  Tracked my last exact Mars Return to 9 September 2009 and for the astrology muffins that are sniggering at my stumblings; I am reviewing that Mars Return along with the transits of Pholus, Orcus, Okyrhoe and Hylonome ~ specifically.

Why these asteroidic energies?  Well, it’s because of when those puppies were discovered and named.   That’s the Kismet. 

But don’t just take my word for it….try it on…..One-size-fits-All. Where were you and what were you doing, with whom and why on these dates:

52872 Okyrhoe ~  September 19 1998

5145 Pholus ~ January 9 1982

10370 Hylonome ~ February 27 1995

90482 Orcus ~ February 17 2004

The Tavola Cortonensis

Image Credit: Maravot.com

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