Okyrhoe: I’m OK, You’re OK

May 13, 2011

The phrase I’m OK, You’re OK is one of four “life positions” that each of us may take. The four positions are:

I’m Not OK, You’re OK

 I’m Not OK, You’re Not OK

I’m OK, You’re Not OK

I’m OK, You’re OK

 Dr. Thomas A. Harris is the author of I’m OK – You’re OK, the 1967 bestseller based upon the ideas of Transactional Analysis by Dr. Eric Berne.  The late Thomas A. Harris was born in Texas. Harris attended Temple University Medical School in Philadelphia.  Upon graduation, Harris began his psychiatry training, and then entered the U.S. Navy as a psychiatrist. [Sourced from Eric Berne.c

we having fun yet?

 Image Credit: Shooting Rapids on the Urubamba, by Caxton

In Greek mythology, Okyrhoe (in Greek, “swift running” or “fast flowing”) was the daughter of Chiron and Chariklo. A prophet, she was changed into a mare by the gods as punishment for revealing their plans to humankind.

Astrologically, Okyrhoe seems to indicate being criticized or attacked, being able to cope with attacks or unpopularity, ability to stand up for one’s beliefs or principles. [Source Mark Andrew Holmes]


Okyrhoe sits in my Libran second house, with the Sabian Symbol of “A crowd upon the beach”.  Oky very much speaks to my need to have personal space, feeling overwhelmed in crowded places (and I don’t think I’m alone here), and conjunct with my natal Neptune, well, it’s the big ol’ psychic sponge thang in spades.

You will not get me to go on a roller-coaster or any of those fast-whizzy-spinny-up,down, turn it around vomit comets, however I surprised myself mightily when on holiday in New Zealand’s South Island, I gathered my courage to take the Shotover Jet Boat ride (way more dangerous than a roller-coaster), and I loved it.  Could have ridden on it all day.

I like Okyrhoe.  Chiron’s daughter.  A prophetess.  Maybe the trade-off for my abilities, is being challenged with Panic-Anxiety?  Would I have developed my skills to the degree that I have without Fear as my greatest teacher? 

 When Okyrhoe was discovered in September 1998, I had just returned from Caroline Myss’ Melbourne workshop, my first contact with “Sacred Contracts & Archetypes”.  The beginning of a wild, wet and wonderful whirlpool of a soul journey that ain’t over yet.  It’s exciting. It’s thrilling. I could pee my pants, which is why I love watersports.

Nobody knows.

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