That Nordic Thing

May 16, 2011

Yarra River, Warburton

Nordic seems to be the flavour-of-the-year.

Vikings with a chance of Swedish meatballs.  Nevertheless I was surprised to discover that next weekend, May 21-22, there is going to be  a Nordic Festival in the beautiful Yarra Ranges town of Warburton. 


Rusty black fish bollard light, Warburton

Image and Artist: Justin Purser, Decorative Metal

The program of events is rather up-market with Scandinavian Church Service, a Viking artefacts Display, photo gallerys and not one, but two Viking re-enactment groups: Jomsvikings and the Hodegon branch of the New Varangian Guard, and RED HERRINGS a free Scandinavian Folk Music Concert.

I just love all things (pardon the pun) Scandinavian and have shared a lovely connection with my Swedish penpal of 30 years that has survived a great deal of changes and the internet. We still write the old-fashioned way – on lumps of clay……nah! Just yoking.


Picture of Kirk Douglas  as Einar  from The Vikings

I spy........with my little eye...something beginning with......ham!


Warburton. Autumn. Men in hats……with horns on….

What a wunnerful world!

I shall have to prepare and hire out The Vikings  and get my Brooklyn-Swedish dipthongs just right….in case yonder there’s a castle of my fudder’s.

Oh….wrong movie!

There’s a website Nordic Festival

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