and the Cow jumped over the Moon……..

May 18, 2011
Karta-Warra Cow

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of persons met one particularly Magical Animal who charged into fame on November 15, 1995, after charging out of a slaughterhouse in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, just Moments before she would have been murdered. She was a Cow who came to be known as Emily.


"Free as a Cow" ~ artist Ron Roozen

Emily’s celebrated escape from a Hopkinton holding pen was accomplished by jumping over a five-foot fence. This feat was followed by seveal weeks of wandering through snow-covered woods. She was aided by an “underground railroad” of animal lovers who helped her to elude capture for forty days, after which the Sherborn Peace Abbey negotiated a deal to buy her for one dollar. Described as “the poster child for vegetarianism” by an intern, Emily the Cow was more than this. She had the gift of being simply Present.

Image Credit: Spacetimecurves.blogspot

Emily had her own special barn, with a playmate – a young steer named Gabriel. They had a beautiful field in which they could run, play, and grace. It was a blissful space and time. Emily’s courage, charm, intelligence, and grace were there to be experienced by the one hundred or so visitors who came to see her every week.

I was Lucky enough to be one of these guests, and I even had a private audience with the Bovine Wonder. I could see that the Spark in her eyes cut through all pretense.

Emily died prematurely of uterine cancer in March 2003 at the age of ten. She was buried behind the Gandhi statue at the Peace Abbey on April 2.

Emily the Cow is indeed a great teacher, inspiring those who know and love her to jump over the fence of the slaughterhouse in which we have languished far too long. To me she is an Ambassador from the Dimension of Lost and Found, inviting her friends to summon Courage to escape from archetypal deadtime and Realize Life in the Biophilic Era.

We will find her there!

~ text from Amazon Grace: re-calling the courage to sin big, Mary Daly

Karta-Warra Cow..........the flip side

The Karta-Warra Cow is the creation of Matriarchal Elder Vivian Webb-Brockman of the Wardandi Aboriginal Cultural Centre.  Proceeds from the Cow Parade support regional welfare and the protection of the South West Flora and Fauna ~ that’s the South West of Western Australia.

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