Cow Kiss

May 18, 2011

"Moosic Mania" ~ artists Joyce and Douglas Hatchett

Image Found: Redbubble.com

Urban Dictionary: Cow Kiss
Creating a seal between a human mouth and flesh and then blowing. This action results in a tickling sensation for the recipient of the Cow Kiss and the production of a flatus sound. At times, especially when applied to children, the sound of a Cow Kiss may resemble the crazed moo of a birthing Holstein cow.Commonly the Cow Kiss is applied to someone’s belly, although most bodily locations will produce beneficial results.

Brian enjoyed giving his girls Cow Kisses. These Cow Kisses had a ridiculously high rate of success for causing laughter which resulted from the tickling sensations and the fart-like sounds.
Official Site of CowParade Margaret River, WA ~ gallery
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