Threads of Time

May 18, 2011

1920 Lincoln Spinning Mills, Gaffney St Coburg - machine shop - Melbourne

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Languages are living organisms. . . They have in them a certain life-force, and certain powers of absorption and growth. But they can decay and they can die. . . Actions of the mind that were once spontaneous become mechanical, frozen habits (dead metaphors, stock similes, slogans). Words grow longer and more ambiguous. Instead of style, there is rhetoric. Instead of precise common usage, there is jargon. . . All these technical failures accumulate to the essential failure: the language no longer sharpens thought but blurs it. . . The language is no longer adventure (and a live language is the highest adventure of which the human brain is capable). ~

From George Steiner’s 1959 essay “The Hollow Miracle” about the corruption of German by the Nazis.

Image Credit: getreligion.org

 …. for one thing, my idea of time is not as simple as it might appear. I think — I think our foresisters are here now. I don’t believe in linear time. It would be nice to think that what I’ve done, what I’m doing, is a springboard for others to carry on. I think I’m going to carry on too, though. I’m not going to croak and say it’s all over. So — it doesn’t even matter to me if there’s some adulation in the future or not. I don’t give a damn, I just want to be alive and do what it is that I’m called to do. And I’m trying to do that. ~ Mary Daly

Found at The Thin Thread of Conversation: an interview with Mary Daly by Catherine Madsen

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