In the Land of Lap

May 23, 2011

Freedom is no fairy gift to fall into a man's lap. ~ Max Stirner

Image Credit: The Hyperion Empire

In the Lap of the Goddess

This is an interactive workbook designed to create an experience of being In the Lap of the Goddess. This book will help you understand the goddess through words, images, exercises and journeys. By exploring her qualities and attributes, you will discover what your soul yearns for, develop a relationship with the goddess, and ultimately connect to your own feminine divinity.

It is called a SoulWork Book because soul work is what is called for when we want to dig deep and find answers, when we want to see ourselves and our own divinity more clearly, when we want to shift our point of view, when we are ready to grow and transform, and when we want to open ourselves to the mystery and meaning of our existence.

You can buy this lavishly illustrated workbook in three parts or in its entirety to download and print from Owl & Crow.


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  1. A very cool Goddess website! I enjoyed looking around it!

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