Thursday’s Possum

May 26, 2011

.....picked a flower for a goat

 The Art of Kilmeny Niland

Kilmeny Niland (1950-2009) was an Australian artist and illustrator. While best known for her children’s book illustrations, she worked in a wide range of genres, including animation, wildlife art, miniatures, portraits, cards and prints. She won numerous prizes in national and international competitions, and one of her portraits was purchased by Australia’s National Portrait Gallery, in Canberra.

Kilmeny Niland, and her twin sister, Deborah, were born in Auckland, New Zealand, to New Zealand-born Australian author Ruth Park and her husband, author and journalist, D’Arcy Niland.  She had three older siblings, Anne, Rory and Patrick, who had been born in Australia.

Becoming a Writer by Ruth Park



  1. Are you abandoning squirrels for possums now?

  2. No way, but being Australian, I thought I should make an effort to be cute-fuzzy-critter PC and give possums some blogtime.

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