The Story of O

May 30, 2011


Ulysses Patera - a small shield Martian volcano

Found this interesting snippet at Aida Gundersen’s blog, Aida’s Strange Reality:

In August 2012, a very special and rare reunion is going to take place. Five asteroids: Odysseus, Ulysses (Odysseus´ Latin name ), Penelope, Ithaca and Telemachus are all going to come together in the same part of the sky. When they first meet, some of them will still be in Cancer, while others will already be in Leo, but soon after that, they will all be in Leo. Once together, they will remain in conjunction for a whole year, until July 2013. [Read more]

From the Muse

This June Full Moon reveals a Finger of Yod for me; a fickle finger of transiting fate mayhaps…….Odysseus conjunct Sun sextile Sinuhe quincunx Merlin…..hmmm….dociousaliexpisticfragicalirupus.

Behind the asteroids are three literary works that have inspired the creative minds of billions and billions of people:

The Tale of Sinuhe

Historia Regum Britanniae, and

The Odyssey

A way interesting Finger of Yod pointing at a book:

Sabian Symbol 21º Taurus: Moving finger points to significant passages in a book.
Kozminsky Symbol 21º Taurus: A race-horse with the number 3 on his saddle-cloth entering a course.

The Three Muses

 Sculptor: Stanislovas Kuzma. Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

More About the Story of O

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