Jugged Hare

May 31, 2011
Bowerman’s Nose, Hayne Down, Dartmoor

“On the very edge

Of the vast moorland, startling every eye,

A shape enormous rises! High it towers

Above the hill’s bold brow, and seen from far,

Assumes the human form; a granite god, –

To whom in days long flown, the suppliant knee

In trembling homage bowed. The hamlets near

Have legends rude connected with the spot,

(Wild swept by every wind) on which he stands

The giant of the Moor!”

N. T. Carrington

According to local legend, a huntsman called Bowerman lived on the moor around one thousand years ago. When chasing a hare he and his pack of dogs unwittingly ran into a coven of witches, overturned their cauldron and disrupted their ceremony.

They decided to punish him, and the next time he was hunting, one of the witches turned herself into a hare, and led both Bowerman and his hounds into a mire. As a final punishment, she turned them to stone – the dogs can be seen as a jagged chain of rocks on top of Hound Tor, while the huntsman himself became the rock formation now known as Bowerman’s Nose.

More about the Dartmoor witches at Legendary Dartmoor



  1. Bugs Bunny is a powerful trickster figure. Always my fave cartoon character!

  2. I feel so lucky to have been Loony Toons trained!

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